The top 5

By Chris Fleck

     Jumpman has come a long way since his humble beginnings.  Soon after his first confrontations with Donkey Kong, he received the name Mario. Now he plays golf, tennis, rides a kart and is an international icon.  Through the countless adventures he has always had a few tricks up his sleeves. In the original Super Mario Bros he uses the Fire Flower to shoot fireballs at his enemies.  Each new entrant into the series has added new power ups.  Here are the Top 5 Mario Power Ups.

5. Mega mushroom

     The Mega Mushroom is the only time based power up on the list. It greatly increases Mario’s size and now has the ability to destroy everything he touches.  First appearing in Super Mario 64 DS, it was simply called a Super Mushroom.  Reappearing in New Super Mario Bros as the Mega Mushroom, the rare item is a blast to find.  However, don’t get carried away because although you may feel invincible, Mario can still meet his end by falling into a hole or lava.

3, Frog Mario

     The Frog Suit is without question the cutest power up on the list. Mario’s entire head pokes out of the frog’s mouth.  In the water, Mario’s controls are tight with the ability to swim at outstanding speed.  On land, he hops around on borrowed time. I would love to see the Frog Suit make a comeback in a proper Mario adventure.  After Super Mario Bros 3, it has only been in Paper Mario: Sticker Star.  Nintendo loves to make the old new again so it’s not out of the realm of possibility.

4. cloud mario

     The Cloud Flower will change Mario into Cloud Mario. This makes him able to walk on clouds as well as making three of his own.  This ability is useful throughout Super Mario Galaxy 2. The signature moment of this power up is the battle against Bowser Jr. in the Boomsday Machine.  Mario must climb to the top of the machine using existing clouds and making his own without being hit by the three rotating fire cannons.  The fight gets hectic when vents begin to suck you closer to the machine. Ground Bounding Bowser Jr. three times will inevitably make you a fan of Cloud Mario as well as Super Mario Galaxy 2.

2. Cat Mario

     Mario’s newest transformation makes the list because it is adorable and functional.  Super Mario 3D World’s many different playable characters means that we get to see each one become its cuter alter ego with plenty of
meowing.  The suit also allows the player to climb walls for shortcuts and hidden items. Clawing enemies allows an alternative to jumping on their heads.  The dive attack performed in midair should be handled with care because going off a cliff is a common occurrence.  The cat suit is a great power up; just keep it out of your enemies’ hands. 

1. Hammer bro Mario

     The Hammer Bros are the most feared enemies in all of the Mushroom Kingdom especially in the 2D adventures.  There is nowhere to hide from their arsenal of hammers. This makes it all the sweeter to turn the tables on your hated foes and smack them in the face with a flying mallet.  All of the powers on this list are fun but nothing compares to the sense of invincibility when donning this outfit. Enjoy it while it lasts because you’ll undoubtedly get hurt by something unremarkable like a wrench to the foot.

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